Tickets to space tourists Excalibur Almaz

Since last year, we were promised that soon space tourism will become as commonplace as to go for a weekend somewhere in the near abroad. However to pay for a three-hour flight into outer space we’ll have about 200 thousand dollars. Alarmed by the fact that the flights will be carried out on the Soyuz spacecraft.

But not bringing the first case to the end, one enterprising company Excalibur Almaz now offers a new game: everyone today can buy tickets to fly not only in space but also on the moon.

According to the company, the first space tourists who have purchased space tickets Excalibur Almaz, will be able to travel in 2015.

Judging by the posted Photos, and official statements made by the company Excalibur Almaz. The idea is not as utopian as it might seem at first glance. To date, the company has already acquired four spacecraft type Soyuz and two space station “Salyut”. All novopriobreteniem will be adapted and refined in accordance with modern standards and requirements.

According to preliminary data, all who have bought tickets to space tourists to the moon, to brutstatte with the Isle of man. After the pioneers of lunar tourism will be released into space, they will be sent to the space station, which would be launched into lunar orbit as a staging point to lunar tourists.

But if you decide to start saving money to buy tickets to space tourists Excalibur Almaz to send to the moon and to touch this mysterious satellite of the Earth, we have to upset you. At first landing on the moon will not and you have to admire the craters and the beauty of space through the window.

Since tickets to space tourists Excalibur Almaz are already on sale, and the price and menu have become known. So for 155 million US dollars is of course the flight itself, the semiannual training space tourist, flying on a space ship with a duration of about two weeks and of course the comfortable rooms (as far as possible in space) and meals. It remains only to look at the first volunteers who lay out a huge mountain of money for a flight into space on Board an old trough “Union”.

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