The price of space flight has grown

Today, there are many ordinary people who want to visit in airless outer space in order to feel a sense of weightlessness, look at the Sun without atmospheric curtain, and to see our home in the Solar system through the glass window. This is probably due to space companies that provide services to tourism in space. Although the implementation of this idea required a lot of money and not everyone can afford the luxury, worth tens of million $. Most space tourists aim independent research space space, or just fly on the trajectory of Our planet for the sake of entertainment.

25 million $ is a ticket into space on the Russian spacecraft Soyuz. Although the desire to plunge into the world unlike the earth makes people to lay out a round sum. So I-mi space tourists were Japanese toyohiro Akiyama and British citizen Helen Sharman. In 1989-1990 they made a spatial tour on the MIR space station. Sponsors of such projects for the delivery of tourists to the space station were TV TBS and Juno, and as vehicles were made by Union TM11/10 and the Union TM12/10.

Born in Italy and living in the United States Dennis Tito became the first tourist who’s own funds did pay for the flight into space. His prostranstvennye did not last long, starting from 28 APR. and ending may 6, 2001 Dennis during the flight was accompanied by 2 astronaut Yuri Baturin and Talgat Musabayev. Tourists were women. For example, a 40 year old Anusha Ansari living in America originally from Iran. The flight was under the strict leadership of 2 crew members Mikhail Tyurin of Russia and American Michael Lopez-alegria.

Today the final assessment of the cost of the ticket in the space defines a couple of data companies like Roskosmos and Space Adventures. Their mutual cooperation has lasted for 8 years, during which they were able to send in space travel 7 tourists.

Of course, sending tourists into space cannot take place without preparation. For this purpose special training centers in the suburban town of Stellar. Moreover, all visitors of outer space are obliged to experience weightlessness on a specially equipped plane.

Despite the high cost of space flight, which is about 20 million US$, the number of heavenly tourists, who want to get on the path only grows. Though already now the company dealing with tourist taxi driver will be able to offer their customers the EVAs for $15 million.

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