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Space exploration mankind is just beginning. It’s only been 47 years since the launch of the first artificial satellite. At the dawn of the space seemed to fly on the next planet there are very few. The great powers of the world tacitly competed for the right to be the pioneers of space. As you know, the palm in this area belonged to the Soviet Union first launched into space man.

After the launch of Yuri Gagarin the world community recognized the absolute leadership of the USSR. But the main competitor – the United States of America – was not shared by the tumultuous enthusiasm about another giant leap of progress. And if the Soviet Union existed, the phrase “Catch up and overtake America!”, before members of the NASA task was to restore the eroded national prestige ahead of the Soviet Union in the space race. Three weeks after the flight of the first American astronaut in space, John F. Kennedy vowed America, after ten years since the Americans landed on the moon.

Indeed, on July 21, 1969 American astronaut first stepped on the moon. For Americans, this event was no less significant than the discovery of America or the Declaration of independence. Around the globe spread the pictures depicting the first inhabitants of the moon under the stars and stripes, and later shots of the film depicting a historic moment. With them and began don’t setaside this time the dispute about the lunar program.

On some pictures the shadows of objects somehow fall into completely different directions (which is impossible in sunlight), and their density is different. There are black, grey, almost transparent shadows. But in a vacuum the contrast between light and shadow is very sharp. Further, the panoramic picture of the lunar surface visible light sources, which on the moon to be simply could not. They “blame” in the wrong location of shadows. When enlarging your image clearly shows that two of them surrounded by a luminous halo, which is only possible in the atmosphere due to the scattering of the rays. But that’s not all. The Photographs from the lunar surface for some reason can not see any stars. Only The Earth. Even the astronauts in his memoirs, stress that neither stars nor planets had not seen. Pretty strange, especially when you consider that Soviet cosmonauts describe a sea of sparkling stars… Another famous shot – the footprints on the lunar surface – the Photographers did not cause complaints. But the discussion was joined by experts from other industries.

Metallurg Y. I. Mukhin, repeatedly had to deal with all sorts of soil samples, absolutely sure that the footprint on the lunar soil would be completely different. On the moon there is no water, and completely dry fine suspension could not perfectly follow the contours of the corrugated sole of the Shoe. Clear impression, in the best case, could remain in the center (like fingerprints of tracks of the Soviet Rovers), but in the Photo we see a clear relief lines. Such traces could only stay on the wet sand.

The same frame has perplexed physicists. With the help of simple calculations, they found that the weight of the American astronaut in full attire on the lunar surface was… as much as 27 kg. Using the formulas included in the program of the secondary school (Soviet – American schools program are quite different), they were able to calculate the pressure of the soles of the shoes of the astronaut on the pound. It was ridiculously low: less than 0.1 kgf/cm2, which is clearly insufficient to leave. footprint on the moon…

Refer to the film showing the Americans landing on the moon. It is unclear in much: and a lightness of astronauts, and the prevalence of game episodes. At the same time the truly important and dramatic scenes are missing. For example, for some reason never shows the moment of docking. To Armstrong and Aldrin could jump into the cockpit of the descent module, they needed on the way to the moon undocked from the third stage of the “Saturn” the main block “Apollo”, deploy it to 180° and re-dock to the lunar cabin so that the top hatch of the main unit are aligned with the upper hatch of the lunar module. Not shown in any stage of transition of the astronauts in the lunar unit, nor their return. And the fact that he was in chronicle, looks very unconvincing.

Observant people are always and everywhere. And could not remain unnoticed that in a vacuum the American flag is somehow a fun flutter. Opponents tried to explain this effect by oscillations of the whole structure, but this explanation was rejected by counterargument: elastic waves propagate in both directions from the zero point, and the cloth deviates in one direction only. This problem occurred with the movement of astronauts. They move quite clumsy and short jumps, while simple calculations show that with decreasing gravity and the length and the height of the step increases four times. By the way, given these conditions, the astronauts were prepared for the displacement jumps are easier to control the process. But in the movie they somehow demonstrate the opposite: and step width, and the height of the jumps is much less than on Earth. Was afraid? But a fall on the moon is not so dangerous. While shooting “moon” jumps would be a great proof of the authenticity of the film: in those days, on Earth to remove it was impossible.

Americans have chosen another way to prove that they really are on the moon. In front of the camera they did a little experiment. In one hand the astronaut took a hammer, another a bird and a feather released at the same time. It is known that in vacuum both at the same time touch the ground. The way it happened. The pursuit of clarity, played with the counterfeiters a cruel joke: they did not consider that frames can not only make sure that objects fall in a vacuum, but also to calculate the acceleration of gravity. What did not fail to do physics. The acceleration of free fall was 4.1 m/S2. And on the moon, this value should be 1.6 m/S2. So the shooting happened anywhere but on the moon! By the way, observing the “behavior” of different objects gives physicists a lot of reasons for doubts. Stone, accidentally dropped one of the astronauts falls with an acceleration of 6.6 m/S2. And at the moment of take-off, judging by the trajectory departing from the nozzle of the stones, acceleration of free fall grows downright unthinkable to size: 320 m/S2. I do not in the Sun if brought by mistake American space explorers? Further, when landing, the jet spurting from the nozzle, was to disperse the dust in a radius of hundreds of meters. During the “moon landing” of the Soviet modules she flew high above the surface, settling several miles from the ship. But in the movie the astronauts are walking on virgin ground, which suggests that the moon is the laws of physics do not apply.

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