Philae returned the first detailed images of the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko

Wednesday night, the Earth reached the signal from the research module Philae successful landing on the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Unique in its complexity maneuver succeeded at the first attempt. Experts from the European space Agency outfitted the robot in the path 10 years ago. During this time the device has traveled more than six billion kilometers. The data collected, according to scientists, may shed light on some puzzles of the Solar system.

Almost 7 hours of intense expectation, and now scientists from the European space Agency’s congratulate each other with applause. The descent module landed on the comet. Or, saying a new term, “picometers”.

“Undoubtedly, we have lived this mission for 10 years. And now the goal has been achieved. Philae landed on the comet surface. We clearly saw it on the testimony of telemetry”, – reported in the ESA.

“Philae is talking to us. It comes from all the new data that we process right now. The first thing he told us is that the gripping mechanisms worked as expected, the chassis is released. So we stand on the surface, we are on the comet” – said project Manager Stephan Ulamec.

At the same time, the ESA did not rule out later that the module Philae could fail to latch onto the comet’s surface because of incorrect operation of the system of harpoons. About it writes TASS. They,according to scientists, were not activated, which means that the handset might land on the loose surface and may be in an unstable position.

To your primary target, Rosetta was flying almost 10 years. During this time, the machine could “catch up” with the heavenly body and to enter the comet’s orbit. Astronomers have hundreds of high quality pictures and even found out what smells like a comet. It turned out that not too pleasant – hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. The surface gravity is so small, 60-pound by earthly standards the machine here weighs only grams. To stay on the comet, the robot uses a special harpoon. Despite the fact that the primary flight training was conducted in the 90-ies, the module is equipped with high-tech equipment. The camera is able to distinguish more than 60 thousand shades of grey. And analyzers of particles – to make dozens of measurements on the spot. On the surface of the comet the phone will work for a few months.

If the experiment was completed successfully, it is quite possible that scientists will be able to answer the main question – what happened 4.5 billion years ago.

“Comet, as it is now considered to represent a unique canned food. The substance is preserved from the earliest stages of the formation of the Solar system. That is, by studying comets, we get a glimpse at the epoch when the Earth was formed, when they formed the Solar system,” – said the head of the Department of physics and evolution of stars of Institute of astronomy Dmitry vibe.

Attempts to approach the comet in the history of space exploration. For the first time in 1986, Soviet, Japanese and European vehicles could fly up to the famous Halley. The distance between a celestial body and then was only 600 kilometers. In 2005 the Americans have dealt a powerful blow to the other comet. The explosion that shattered into small fragments, which later the ship was able to deliver on the Ground. Behind that comet scientists have observed for almost half a century. Open Soviet astronomer Klim Kurilovym, it turned out to be the most suitable celestial body to study. The upcoming experiment is not simply an attempt to capture the comet’s tail, rather a chance to look into the depths of the universe.

“Comets are considered to be the source of water. And if there will be organic compounds complex enough, the supporters of the emergence of life from space on Earth will be superfluous arguments”, – stressed the head of the space policy Institute Ivan Moiseev.

All night for the lander will be closely watched by specialists of the European space Agency. The signal comes to our planet with late – after 28 minutes. However, according to scientists, the connection is kept consistently good. On Earth have already started to receive Pictures from Philae.

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