Open planet in honour of Day of Astronautics

One day in April Gagarin made his flight, and today we are on such a universal scale occasion will transcend time and space.

Time is not linear, reality is relative, and can simultaneously be in two different places. To prove it, in our current cultural ranking, we sort of go back in time to learn about the future. With undying love for “the Martian Chronicles” and warm memories of childhood on the theme of Kir Bulychev’s works we decided this time to make more distant and mysterious space journey, revealing along the way a couple of other unknown planets. So, the first point of our sci-Fi trip -1938 year.

The asteroid Vesta, around the Main asteroid belt

In earth time: 1938

Discoverer: Isaac Asimov, “In the thrall of Vesta”

What happens:

Three space travellers, survivors in the crash of a spaceship. Three airtight rooms, one spacesuit, three days ‘ supply of oxygen, a week’s supply of food and a year’s supply of water…

Useful info: in 1958, In honor of the twentieth anniversary of a story Isaac Asimov wrote a sequel to “Anniversary”.

Planet Mesklin

In earth time: 1954

Pioneer: Hal Clement, “Expedition “Attraction”

What happens:

Planet Mesklin has the shape of a lens and rotates around the star of Been on a very eccentric orbit, and the force of gravity at its poles in the earth seven hundred times. Therefore, mesklinite have a body like caterpillars adapted to a huge gravity at surface. Separate daredevils among them our hero Barlean, attempting to reach the Edge of the world, which leads to Nothing…

Useful information: Nominated for an international award in fiction I. F. 1955.

The Planet Alpha Centauri

2363 a year

In earth time: 1955

Discoverer: Robert Silverberg, “Revolt on alpha-C”

What happens:

Training flight in interstellar patrol ship to alpha Centauri leads the characters into the thick of the rebellion of the colonists, which voted for independence from planet Earth. Part of the crew goes on the side of the rebels, and the captain faces a difficult moral choice.

Useful information: In this version of events FTL flights are based on the principle of minimized space and flight 4.5 light years is 15 days.

distant future

In earth time: 1960

Discoverer: Stanislaw LEM, “Solaris”

What happens:

The people of the future interact with reasonable ocean; in the centre of the mess – Dr. Chris Kelvin

Useful information: the Main part of the book was written about 6 weeks in June 1959, however, the writer has finished the last section a year later.

The planet Arrakis, the third planet of the Canopus system

distant future

In earth time: 1965

Discoverer: Frank Herbert, “Dune Chronicles”

What happens:

The confrontation between the two governing houses with secret support of the Emperor; the military coup and survived by miracle; the blood feud and genetic experiments; Superman and ancient predictions. Well, love, of course.

Useful information: the Nebula Award, the Hugo award

Pernes planet, the third planet in the system of Rackbeta

In earth time: 1968

Discoverer . Anne McCaffrey, “The Dragonriders Perna”

What happens:

Beautiful and abundant planet, populated by colonists from Earth, are subject to regular disasters, invasions from outer space threadlike spores that destroy any organic matter. Residents, left as useless in the past, any technical achievements, saved in stone cities – holds on payments. Against this background, the unfolding of various events on an epic scale.

Useful information: About the fate of fictional planets tell 28 novels, created the first woman–winner of Nebula and Hugo

Planet Heten/Winter

Hanski cycle 93, year Ecumenical 1490-97

In earth time: 1969

Discoverer: Ursula K. Le GUIN, “the Left hand of Darkness”

What happens:

Goodwill Ambassador, arriving for the Winter, to observe the local lifestyle to decide on its inclusion in the Coordination Union of planets. The representatives of this society – quite human beings, but with one peculiarity: they don’t have sex and only in certain moments of life can take male or female roles. Here anyone can be “strong” or “weak” half, man or woman, father or mother. There are no all sorts of divisions and categories, stereotypes and cultural barriers, and understanding among civilizations clearly and convincingly starts with understanding between people.

Useful info: 1969 Nebula Award, 1970 Hugo award

Long ago in a distant Galaxy

In earth time: in the early 70s

Discoverer: George Lucas, Star wars

What happens:

About what is happening, tell, in addition to novels, 6 feature films, several TV films and animated series, audiobooks, novels, stories, comics, magazines, encyclopedias, art albums, books on role-playing games, toys, computer games and the like.

Useful information:

Luke, I am your father, and revenues from related products project, Star wars (toys, clothes, etc.) exceeded 20 billion dollars

The Planet Of Bit O Heaven

In earth time: 1985

Discoverer: Harry Harrison, “The Birth Of Steel Rats”

What happens:

In General from the fact that nothing happens, life around is grey and dull, and he feels his own intellectual superiority over others, the main character and is the ultimate intergalactic con man.

Useful information: Series “Steel rat” is still among the best specimens of the genre of humorous fiction for young adults, and the novel “the Birth of Steel rats”, which describes how it all started, out as much in twenty-five years after the first book.

The satellite Pandora, star system alpha Centauri

2154 year

In earth time: 2009

Discoverer: James Cameron, “Avatar”

What happens:

A former marine replaces lost brother-a scientist in research on a distant planet. During the collection of biological samples a avatar is attacked and meets a beautiful representative of a local tribe. From this moment the career of Homo sapiens on the introduction of the main character in clan of natives and destruction of their settlements for the construction of the quarry are contrary to his impulses of the soul.

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