On the outskirts of the Solar system walk comets

Some comets, rotating now in the Solar system, were originally in other star systems and ended up here due to the fact that the Sun is their “kidnapped”.

To this conclusion came a group of astronomers from the North-West research Institute in USA.

“If the results of our models and calculations are correct, then many comets that are present now on the outskirts of the Solar system originally was not here,” says scientific specialist of the Institute’s Hal Levison.

From his point of view, a significant proportion of comets that are now in the zone of the Solar system known as the Oort Cloud is aliens from other star systems.

“We know that stars are formed in clusters. Sun was born inside a huge community of other stars that were formed from a single cloud of gas and dust. In this cluster the stars were so close to each other that were able to “steal” different objects, such as comets through its gravity,” he says.

According to this model, comets were a kind of companion stars, that is, they were born along with the stars. In the Solar system there is such a place where was located the “stolen” comets is the Oort Cloud.

Cloud Ortopedicas a region far beyond the orbit of Pluto, where rotating the various residual and lesser known cosmic body small radii. This area got its name in honor of the Danish astronomer Jan Oort, for the first time put forward the assumption about the existence of this region.

Scientists say that until recently it was believed that the Oort cloud are only “local” of the comet, but new calculations show that there are not only long-period comets, but also guests from other neighboring star systems.

Levison said that while their theory is new, it generally does not contradict the standard model of the formation of comets in the Solar system.

The estimated distance to the outer limits of the Oort Cloud from the Sun is from 50 000 to 100 000 and. E. — almost a light year. It accounts for almost a quarter of the distance to Proxima Centauri, the nearest star to the Sun.

The Oort cloud is believed, includes two separate areas: a spherical outer Oort Cloud and the inner Oort Cloud in the shape of a disk. Objects in the Oort Cloud, largely composed of water, ammonia and methane ice.

Astronomers believe that the objects comprising the Oort Cloud formed near the Sun and were scattered far into space gravitational effects of giant planets on the early development of the Solar system.

We will note, earlier astronomers had discovered a whole new class of stars-vampires who “feed” at the expense of neighbors.

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