Galactic tourists

100 kilometers above the Earth’s surface (according to the international standards space begins at this altitude), speed – kmh 4000, which is 4 times the speed of sound, so it looks like a tourist flight into space, which you could see in sci-Fi movies or dreamed about since childhood.

Now the dream to see the immensity of outer space has already become a reality.

Who are those 5 people who first saw the Galaxy, read the article. We will also talk about the details of the flight and to quote the impressions of space explorers.

Space tourists – Dennis Anthony Tito

Time in space: 28 April – 6 may 2001

Fare: $20 million

Citizenship: United States

This reckless American with a decidedly non-American name proudly bears the title of “space tourist No. 1”. Anthony Tito is a multimillionaire and entrepreneur of Italian origin.

Space tourism: how much is it to see the Galaxy

Tito’s life was zealously interested in the space, always watching how the USA and the USSR actively exploring space. Educated in the field of space technologies and space.

For a long time worked in the Laboratory of internal combustion engines at NASA, and eventually began to Fund gosudarstvennosti related to space activities.

And here in the end in 2001 at the age of 60 years, Tito realized his dream. On the spaceship “Union TM-32” he was launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and orbited the Earth in an orbit 128 times.

Tito never for a moment regretted the money spent. Stepping on the Ground after the flight, he said, “I was in heaven”.

Space tourist – mark Shuttleworth

Time in space: 25 April – 5 may 2002

Fare: $20 million

Citizenship: United Kingdom, South Africa

Mark Shuttleworth – South African entrepreneur. Mark was born in 1973. The merits of Shuttleworth: founder of Canonical Ltd, head of program development operating system Ubuntu.

Its capital is estimated at $ 225 million. This allowed the man to get the title of “the second space tourist”.

To participate in the flight, Shuttleworth spent a year training and preparing. In particular, he’s seven months spent in Star city (closed military town No. 1, in 25 km from Moscow)

During the stay in space Shuttleworth spoke on the radio with Nelson Mandela – the first black President of South Africa and 14-year-old terminally ill South African girl.

The girl offered to Shuttleworth to engage her in marriage, the answer to such offer space tourist politely avoided.

At the end of the flight, mark said that he was sorry to leave Star city, and he hopes to make another jump. So not saying goodbye, simply says goodbye.

Space tourist Gregory Olsen

Time in space: from 1 to 11 October 2005

Fare: $20 million

Citizenship: United States

Gregory Hammond Olsen was born in 1945 in Brooklyn. He is the founder of Sensors Unlimited Inc. He has a Ph. D. in materials science at the University of Virginia.

At first, Olsen was not allowed to fly due to medical problems, but later the American received permission. During training Olsen was categorically against, being called “tourist”.

Instead, it claimed that on Board the International space station, he will conduct an extensive programme of scientific experiments, it is therefore appropriate to call it a “private researcher”.

The crew “Union TMA-7”, which flew Olsen, also includes Russian cosmonaut Valery Tokarev and us astronaut William MacArthur.

Gregor Olsen grew up in families of modest means and wanted to bring that in the world nothing is impossible. “If I could achieve it, it forces everyone,” bravely said third space tourist.

Space tourists – the Anusha Ansari

Time in space: from 18 to 29 September 2006

Fare: $20 million

Citizenship: USA, Iran

The Anusha Ansari, an American of Persian origin in 2006 became the first woman tourist to go into space.

40-year-old Ansari has been training in Russia and the Houston NASA center. She was the understudy for Japanese businessman Daisuke Enomoto. He also wanted to fly into space, but it was not allowed to fly due to health problems.

In the end, on 18 September, the crew of the Anusha Ansari, Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin and us astronaut Michael Lopez-alegria on the spaceship Soyuz TMA-9 off the ground.

Then a childhood dream American Iranian has become a reality. Ansari stressed that all dreams come true, even the most improbable, when you work hard and don’t give up.

But after landing the woman, which the Russians called Anusha, said: “After flying into space I began to look at surrounding life differently”

Space tourist – Charles Simonyi

Time in space: 7-21 April 2007

Fare: $35 million

Citizenship: USA, Hungary

This 60-year-old American astronaut quite an interesting biography. Charles Simonyi is CEO of Intentional Software Corporation. The inventor of Hungarian notation in programming.

Where to celebrate the end of the world 2012: ideas for every taste

And most importantly – as a member of two space flights on the Russian spacecraft Soyuz TMA.

After paying a tidy sum, higher than its predecessors – $35 million Simoni was a two-time space tourist. He flew in 2007 and 2009.

“I am under an incredible impression,” said Charles Simonyi, when his foot again set foot on Land.

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