For the non-refundable flight to Mars 52 Russians are selected

Dutch company Mars One intends to send the first volunteers to the Red planet by 2023. But our expert explains why it’s not going to happen

Organizers of large-scale colonization of the red planet have previously determined the volunteers who will fly to Mars by 2023

Organizers of large-scale colonization of the red planet have previously determined the volunteers who will fly to Mars by 2023. Dutch company Mars One is counting on that date for $ 6 billion to build a permanent base there.

Just primary have been selected 1058 candidates. Most of them are residents of the U.S. — 297 people. From Russia – 52 volunteers. But by 2015 the project managers will select 24 people who will go to Mars. By the way, the company warns that a return ticket is not provided.

Deep space is not for fools

Alexander milkus, the editor of the education Department of KP

I’d like to believe that the Dutch “Mars One” has composed his project is not in an Amsterdam coffee shop. pre-smoke the weed. And “plenty of plans” is based on a sincere romance and cosmic enthusiasm (our Friedrich Zander life lived under the slogan “Forward, to Mars!”,but he still was an engineer, and his romantic breakthrough resulted in the creation of the first Soviet rocket engines).

Popularization of Astronautics, new projects of interplanetary flights, is a good thing. And for the sensible training young engineers, and to create new technologies.

I pick up arguments to somehow justify a near new show called “Mars One”.

Because in reality, all declarations of the Dutch lift me up They will have no Rover, no station on the red planet, no spaceship, no matter what the pictures now they don’t draw in Photoshop, not removed and not mysterious video showed a list inscribed on a flight to Mars at one end.


Explain point by point:

1. Financing.

As far as I understand from the press releases of the company, they now received several million euros of donations. Yes, they will last for some time to rent office space, maintain the site and pay for the operation of several jarovce and artists.

Mission to Mars costs billions of euros! And nobody will give a little-known company, not having any experience, nor a sober Outlook on life. Even the flights of scientific machines of the country are trying to Finance however. Example – “Exo Mars”, which is prepared together by the European space Agency and Roscosmos .

– Just compare – one place in the Soyuz spacecraft to deliver astronauts to the ISS and returning to earth is now more than 50 million dollars, – said the Deputy Director of the Institute of biomedical problems, the Director of the experiment “Mars-500”, cosmonaut Boris morukov.

Yes what to speak, even the United States, which possesses the most sophisticated space technologies, every penny counts and before 2030 even a flyby of Mars on a manned boat plans. And here 2023!

2. Security.

– For any state safety crews, departing in flight, is the main priority, – explains the Deputy Director of the experiment “Mars-500” (simulated flight to the Red planet), mark Belakovsky. – The Soviet Union and then Russia, since 1967 develop life-support systems, program of psychological compatibility for astronauts traveling to such a complex expedition. Held dozens of large-scale experiments. What is the Dutch?

Even not yet created the system that saved the astronauts from space radiation during Mars flight. The international space station is flying not very high above the Earth at an altitude of about 350 km planet somehow protects the station from radiation. On the ISS there are special screens that obstruct radiation.

Current technologies cannot ensure a safe flight of astronauts to Mars.

Most likely they will die before reaching the red planet, says Boris morukov.

Deep space is not for fools Photo: deep space is not for fools

3. The necessities of life.

Even if you imagine that the Dutch company in record time, not having its own space technologies, experience on creation of the ship on which people could live for 300 days without a resupply of water, air, food, and clothes from the Earth, will perform a miracle question: how to provide everything necessary for settlers on Mars?

The ship is rather difficult, but here at least there is a backlog and us and NASA. The ISS is essentially a prototype of a Martian spaceship. And who and how for the last 9 years will create modules that are able to provide the life of settlers on Mars? Where to get electricity, water, food?

The experience of long flights showed that for normal human existence beyond Earth, we need 10 kg of cargo per day. It is water, air, and food, and various books and movies (without entertainment people also can not exist). If “Mars One” intends to send to the Red planet the first four settlers, how much cargo they need to take to be enough and on the road, and life on Mars?

Since 1998 there is a “Mars society” – an organization of enthusiasts, whose goal is to prove that on Mars you can live. They develop the Rovers, modules for Autonomous existence. In the U.S. state of Utah since 2002 the Mars Desert Research Station, where simulated Martian expedition. But even the leaders of the “Mars society” do not hope that a real manned mission to Mars can be accomplished in the next decade.

Projects like “Mars One”, has already been set. The first time their creators romantic sponsorship money is allocated. Then the funding ended. And thousands of people genuinely PowerSeller in the project (and, according to “Mars One”, a one-way trip to the Red planet signed up hundreds of earthlings), disappointedly back to their daily business. Except that some of them “will gather for training” and the company will podzarabotat on the TV show called “They fly to Mars with no hope of return”.

– At the time, General Aleksey Leonov taught us, young cosmonauts, vodka and women – not for fools, says Boris morukov. – I paraphrased this wisdom: deep space – is not for fools.

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