Flight to Mars! Fiction?

Looks like little man one planet. So it tends to absorb the nearby. Even if she is away from us the distance that the average inhabitant of the Earth and can not imagine. Wanting to get to Mars abound. And even if there’s no air, and the question of the existence of water is quite ghostly… And even if back to Earth, to return people never will be… but why go to the lifeless Red planet, you ask? Answer only the elite know.

When first heard information about sending to Mars normal inhabitants of our planet, it looked nothing more than an April fool’s joke. And then announced that in 2023 really planned flight on this planet. But only one way.

They say that from those who received about 10 thousand applications. Selected 1058 people, including 52 Russians. These people are willing to volunteer a hitherto unknown expedition, but will fly only four. Call them the lucky ones do not dare. These people are directed by the interest and the strongest desire for change, although mission to Mars is too expensive, too bold and too risky venture.

Conditions for life

What do we know about Mars? Yes, in principle, only what I studied in school. And some information from astronomers gathered blagodarstvennoe satellites and Rovers.

Mars is the only planet besides the moon, which can fly our space ships, since it is the closest to the Earth (along with Venus). Mars is very Earth-like. The day has 24 hours and 37 minutes. The seasons follow one another there. Scientists at the southwest research of the University and the University of California at Berkeley have simulated the Martian climate conditions. Their experiment confirmed that there are very severe snow storms and dust storms. Water on the surface of Mars. But there are interesting data: in 2004 the Orbiter “Mars Odyssey” found in ground deposits of water ice. And in 2008, the probe “Phoenix” was able to extract water from the soil. But in General, the climate of the red planet is very similar to the weather in the tundra. So there would be very uncomfortable. The atmosphere of Mars, though similar to the Earth’s atmosphere, but not usable. In its composition carbon dioxide with a small admixture of oxygen and water. In order to be there without a spacesuit, you need a special equipment for separation of atmospheric oxygen sufficient for breathing.

How much unknown can be fraught with Mars? From time to time we reported incredible facts. The Internet is saturated with videos of Photos from the remains of animals and different unknown objects. But are those statistics true?

But the “wandering stone”, which recently appeared in front of the camera lens of the Rover, scientists can not find the exact explanation. And it happened when the Rover for almost a month was in one place. An interesting picture emerges. “The wandering stone” was missing in the Pictures taken at 3536 day, and a few Martian days he suddenly appeared in the pictures. There are hypotheses and assumptions. But while the logical explanation to his appearance there. I hope to see on this planet, the future participants of the expedition. Because the planet is full of secrets and mysteries.

Forward to the unknown

Almost always some thing conceived turns out to be more complex to implement. This is because most people tend to idealize what they want. Expedition to Mars may be nothing more than a “beautiful dream”. After all, stories of eyewitnesses, we have never heard and probably never will hear. And are more than extreme.

The satellites of Mars are two moons — Phobos (Fear) and Deimos (Terror). In the orbital rotation, they always turned to the Mars one side. Under the influence of Mars Phobos lowers its orbit and gradually slows down its movement. This, eventually, will lead to the fall of Phobos on Mars. So the people there can be downright dangerous.

Desert landscape of Mars, craters, deep valleys, canyons, plains, the cracks in the ground, he leaves a bleak impression. On Mars the largest volcano and the deepest trench Hellas – analogs in the Solar system does not exist.

Direct evidence of life on the planet. But in the meteorite, which was discovered in Antarctica revealed by the crystals of the mineral magnetite. According to scientists, this is evidence that there once existed a primitive form of life.

The satellites and Rovers have done a lot of pictures of Mars. But all the details research of this planet people don’t know they are classified. And, despite this, people who do not stop dreaming of her master.

In the US since 1998, the organization “Martian society”. In order to prove that Mars can be made fit for life, its members made the Rovers and modules for life. In Utah they model the colony for settlers. Their achievements are significant. But a flight to Mars – a matter much more serious.

The American company Virgin Galactic billionaire Richard Branson was going to organize tourist flights to space in 2013. To this end was even built spaceport. Was also created and sent the rocket plane in a test flight to a height of 100 km above the Earth — to the border of atmosphere and space. But to realize chocolaty to the stars was not. Though the project was much easier.

The flight to Mars normal?

What will the talk about the upcoming mission to Mars, we will learn. For participants 9 years it is planned to construct housing units and other necessary facilities.

As for activity, one person a day you need to 10 kg of cargo. And that food, water, air and other essential components that ensure the normal life. Of course, people will have to settle at the base, to grow some plants, to build something, get used to each other. But if people will stay there forever, where would they take the same toilet paper in a couple of years? Alone to manufacture?

To survive on a distant uninhabited Mars, you need to have vast knowledge in various fields. Will teach future “Martians” or it will be a real struggle for survival? And safety and life support systems, and powerful cosmic radiation?

A lot of questions. But desperate travellers, they apparently are not afraid. As the prospect of growing old on the Mars and not go from my mind. However, there is a possibility of returning to Earth in 10-20 years. But very little. Unlikely to succeed to create technologies for their return to our planet. And hardly someone will be engaged.

Edwin Aldrin, the astronaut, who, after the second Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon and Paul Davies, famous physicist, Professor at the University of Arizona, believe that the expedition will be quite successful. Even planned every two years, send to the planet completion. In addition experts believe that in 100-200 years the colonists will be able to secure the necessary resources. They seriously claim that the settlement on Mars may be a “lifeboat” if Earth will be a global catastrophe.

Once astronomers-the researchers were planning to send scientists to Mars to explore the planet. But the idea with sending ordinary people surpassed wildest assumptions. The leaders of the space project believe that 6 billion dollars is entirely able to implement it. For comparison: one seat in the spacecraft to fly astronauts to the ISS would cost more than $ 50 million.

Although, who knows, maybe the talk that Mars can live people, in 10 years will no longer be just an illusion? Unless of course the project will not be another flash in the pan.

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