Flight to Mars

Modern physics. A flight to Mars.

Russia is technically ready to organize a manned mission to Mars in early 2020-ies, the Director of the space research Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences the academician the lion Green.

“Priority for Russia, and prestigious really the first to disembark an astronaut on Mars. This problem is economically and technically solved”, — said L. Green. According to him, if to begin preparations for flight in the near future, Russian cosmonauts can land on the surface of Mars in 2023-2025 years.

For the organization of the expedition, says L. Green, hurt Russia more than any other country, including the United States.

“We now have a certain handicap in this race, as we have the biggest experience in manned space exploration. Even in the bad 90’s, he worked as the station “Mir”, then there was the ISS. Thus a chain of manned flights have not been interrupted,” — said the scientist.

In his view, a manned mission should include and unmanned elements, such as the orbiters and Rovers, because most research problems can be solved by automatic machines.

“Man, in principle, on the basis of research, not necessarily to fly nor the moon, nor on Mars, it is economically disadvantageous, but the desire to explore the new in human nature and thank God, this impulse cannot be stopped”, — said the Director of the Institute.

Organization vyshedkevich crew on another planet will raise the prestige of Russia in the world, download the scientific and industrial capacity of the country, will allow to implement new technologies, said L. Green.

“The right first step on a new celestial body to the prestige of the state, for the spirit of mankind a stunning effect. Since my childhood I remember the impression of flight of Gagarin. Something similar I saw, when the cosmos was first launched taikonaut, and all of China, all billion and a half people took to the streets to sing. The impression is that in this flight they found their national idea”, — said L. Green.

“Therefore, the flight to Mars man’s task is not purely academic and I would say scientific-politically prestigious,” — he added.

The scientist also noted that Mars is the only place in the Solar system, where in the near future is able to land a man, so Russia needs to make the Mars program a priority, reports “Interfax”.

“The race for the moon we lost on Venus and mercury conditions unsuitable for landing, in the long run it is possible to land on the moons of Jupiter, but Mars is the last place in the Solar system suitable for manned flight”, — said L. Green.

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