Experts predict that space travel and teleportation in the next 80 years

Technological evolution completely transform the tourism, flights and airports

Today time travel are pure fantasy, which can be seen in science fiction films.

However, according to some scholars, within the next 80 years, the fantasy can become reality, writes the Daily Mail .

MailOnline Travel predicts the future of travel: from biometric scanning to hotel rooms, managed from your iPhone or iPad and teleportation – the tourists will not only travel the world, but also to go to space flights.

Co-founder of the largest airline tickets search engine Skyscanner Gareth Williams believes that in 2030, travel arrangements will be as easy as making a purchase in the online store: a trip to plan a simple and quick online service in two clicks. He also adds that it’s possible that in 15 years for tourists will be available exclusively functions as a virtual guide embedded in a watch or small ornament, is able to travel with someone and to conduct tours

Scientific and technological progress will also reduce procedureprocedure customs control in airports with biometric face recognition and human identification. After 10 years check-in will take place almost instantly, modern molecular scanners will replace x-ray machines and will determine the chemical composition of baggage and recognize prohibited items millions of times faster, and baggage check-in and other formalities will remain in the past, to replace the usual labels come digital Luggage tags.

One of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers Airbus predicts avicodin with massage rooms, panoramic Windows and comfortable places to rest and sleep. In addition, soon will change and airports will turn into aerovilles, it is interesting to visit the exhibition, enjoy a swim in the pool or go to the movies, say scientists-futurologists.

According to researchers from the Future Laboratory, in the next 100 years will see mobile island that can move, as well as personalized rooms of hotels where tourists will be able to choose the color of the walls, bed linens, tableware and other interior items.

However, the most important transformation of tourism will be teleportation and time travel. Dr. Mary Jacqueline Romero from the School of physics and astronomy, University of Glasgow believes that teleportation and time travel may become a reality before the end of the century:

“Fundamental obstacles to the teleportation does not exist, and the development of technology, in my estimation, would allow for teleportation as easily as in the movies, in 2080. This process will be challenging, but it can be simplified due to future developments in chemistry and molecular biology,” she says.

Astrophysicist and science popularizer Colin Stuart argues that the journey to the future for a few weeks could become reality by 2100 in the most optimistic forecast, given the fact that scientists were able to prove the real possibility of traveling in the future.

On the basis of forecasts of scientists, the conceptual artist Alex Brady from Cambridge has created a futuristic image. showing what will be the future of space flight. Impressive concepts of spacecrafts, aircrafts and airports of the future, as well as orbital stations, the artist brought together in one project Space Vegas, demonstrating how he sees the future of tourism.

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