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The solar system is changing and nobody knows why

Our Solar system seemed to be something static, immutable and eternal. This is not so. Only in the last 10 years was fixed in a very significant change. Modern scientists are seriously concerned about these circumstances and try to identify why there are these global changes.

Astrophysicists have detected an increase in the intensity of the magnetic field of the Sun. As a starting point they took the beginning of observations, ongoing with 1901. It turned out that its magnetic field has increased over the years by as much as 230%!

Is it any wonder that the Aurora, which not so long ago admired only residents of the far North, now exists almost over the entire planet, including the regions where previously they had only seen on TV.

It should be noted that geomagnetic storms are not as harmless as one might think. Science does not like to dwell on this topic, and still some twenty years ago about geomagnetic storms and are not reported. But the reality brings in its own adjustments, which significantly increased the mortality after such storms. this has particularly affected people with heart problems and high blood pressure. Scientists met, that even 15 years ago such serious effects have been noted and all because of changes that occurred on our sun, which became the reason of negative impact on people’s health.

Mercury is changing,which is very surprising astronomers. It suddenly revealed the appearance of the polar caps and ice appeared out of nowhere a powerful magnetic field. On space standards, these changes have occurred, literally, overnight.

On Venus for some 40 years 2500% suddenly increased the brightness of the Aurora. Scientists have recorded the active capacity of the Venusian atmosphere. Moreover, these changes of the atmosphere are global in nature!

On Jupiter in only 10 years there was a stepwise increase in brightness of surrounding plasma clouds this planet.

On Saturn for the last 30 years, there was a significant decrease in the rate of Equatorial flows. It is noted that the enhancement of x-ray radiation coming from the planet’s equator.

On Uranus, where previously recorded very relaxed atmosphere, a suddenly increased activity of the clouds and again there has been a sharp increase in brightness.

On Neptune the brightness of the atmosphere has increased by 40%.

On Pluto marked the rise of atmospheric pressure, which amounted to as much as 300%.

On Mars recorded global climatic changes. It is shaken by a severe storm marked the melting of the polar ice caps. Scientists believe that Mars is undergoing global warming.

Luna ramps up the atmosphere! Around the moon was formed a sodium layer thickness of 6000 kilometers!

The earth is the fact of global climate change, no one denies. If you read our website, then you can judge about how changing our planet. Scientists have put forward different versions of the causes of events, such as the weakening of the magnetic field of our planet and communication with the pole shift.

Puzzles science and a sharp increase in the volume of glowing plasma at the leading edge of our Solar system, which occurred abruptly at 1000%.

What happened? How these global change space related, and what causes them?

The answer to this question science has not yet or don’t want it to sound. There are various versions. For example, what the reason is – the Sun, the change of which affects all around. there are hypotheses about the effects of some unknown science of cosmic energies from nowhere appeared.

Especially interesting is the assumption that all fault – a big rogue planet as it approaches the Sun and has all these anomalous effects on the environment.

This in cosmic history has already happened and as scientists say, may happen again. 4 billion years ago the Sun approached a huge star, the mass of which exceeded the solar by 80%. This wandering planet was from the sun at a distance of 34 billion miles, but it was enough, that would make mischief. The confrontation of the stars, ended in the death of many planets in the Solar system, absorbed by the Sun and this unknown “traveler”.

And now to version not recognized by science – Nibiru. The name Nibiru is mentioned in the “Enuma Elish” is the Babylonian legend of the creation of the world. 12th planet Nibiru, mentioned in the texts of the Sumerian civilization, and this celestial body had the symbol of a winged disk.

It is possible that she returns. According to ancient legends, a mysterious planet appears once in the 3600 years between Mars and Jupiter, and moves in eccentric orbit. When Nibiru is closest to Earth, its inhabitants the Anunnaki, came down to Earth to mingle with people.

The conditions of life on this planet was like earth, but they grew some plants, giving amazing longevity. Here, come to mind biblical stories, where says that the first people on Earth lived for very long. For example, Adam lived 930 years, Seth (son of Adam) – 912 years, Noah – 950, etc. But back to Nibiru. Approximately 420 thousand of years ago in the elusive planet X there is a conflict, that began to collapse the atmosphere. The way of salvation one need to vaporize in the atmosphere of ions of gold (incidentally, this technology has been used in modern shuttles).

And then the Governor named Alalu embarks on an independent journey into Space to mine precious metal somewhere on another planet and Earth is the most suitable “donor”. Earlier, the residents of Nibiru was trying to get to the Ground, but could not overcome the “forged bracelet” – the asteroid belt. But Allalou managed to get through it, using as the destructive force of water (exactly how it happened is unknown).

And finally, the first representative of the civilization of the Anunnaki reached Earth. Then began the period of active contacts between Nibiru and Earth. Were constructed launch complexes in Baalbek, Jerusalem and Puma the Items.

The main cosmogonic event the Sumerians were considered the Celestial Battle, and on the eve of her Solar system consisted of 9 planets and one satellite, which was lost when the system broke Nibiru. Who succeeded the Sumerians, the Akkadians called the planet Marduk, and according to the records, she was able to hold the orbits of all other planets, and describe circles around them.

Image cross (often mentioned that Nibiru is at “the crossroads of heaven”) and a winged disk can be found among many other peoples of the world. For example, the ancient Egyptians worshiped the Celestial Cow, Nut, the images which you can often find winged disc with radiant rays.

The fact that the representatives disappeared from the face of the Earth peoples were great astronomers, there is no doubt, and because of numerous mentions of a planet -traveler is not just a story.

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