Commercial space station

Second disclaimer: Denis Tito was the first cosmotourist, but not the first astronaut sent into orbit on a commercial basis. Even in 1990, Japanese journalist toyohiro Akiyama visited the orbital station “Mir” as a cosmonaut-researcher. For his training and flight paid Tokyo broadcasting Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) for promotional purposes.

But Dennis Tito became the first tourist in the classic sense of the word. He flew to the ISS in order to relax, spend time with pleasure, to film the Earth from the window I. to open a new era in the history of space exploration.


In the office of the Director General of the company “Orbital technologies” Sergey Kostenko – many diplomas for merits in development of space tourism and Photos with celebrities. “We’ve been working in the field of space tourism company Space Adventures, says Mr Aksyonov. – Initially it was just a workout space, and then, in 2001, there was Dennis Tito marked the beginning of a real flight. In fact, we were engaged in the management and commercial side of sending space tourists to the ISS (International space station). In the process, it became clear that the ISS is certainly an ambitious project, but for prematurito need something more compact and fitted just for entertainment, free and comfortable. And the idea of commercial stations”.

The final name of the station yet – it is called the CSS (Commercial space station) or CSS (Commercial Space Station). The project was developed in cooperation with RSC Energia and Roscosmos. The latter, in particular, helps to “Orbital technologies” with their licensing and certification – still the space industry has always been an exclusively state prerogative, and to attract private capital for the Russian space new.

Today the main subject of space tourism, ISS, manned since 2000. But it has several disadvantages. In particular, for idle pastime she will in no way intended. Representatives of 16 countries are constantly working on the station, replacing each other, conduct various studies and carry out complex research programs. Of course, a tourist with no “tinkering”, he would have to work along with others on his own timeline; the tourist may not come anytime to illuminator, because the latter is busy with astronomical equipment, has no right to distract the professionals from their work, scheduled for the cycle scheme. It is here that there is a serious demand for commercial space station.


To talk about the technical side of things still early: everything is kept secret, to gain access to RSC “Energia” is extremely difficult, not to mention the drawings of the station. But some data is already published. In particular, one of the noticeable advantages of the Russian station is that it is based on a recently developed modules and technologies (unlike the U.S., which is built from scratch, will be discussed below). That is, the CCK has a huge number of standard components, which are not very hard to make. They do not require additional testing, since have repeatedly stood the test.

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